Hi, my name's Matt. I've been composing and recording music since 1993.
For 10 years I ran a recording studio under the same name (Soul Studios), but as of now my focus is purely composition and sound work.

In addition I am a skilled:

My flat rate is $50 per hour. However each project is different and I will consider different costing/delivery based on requirement.


Feel free to get in touch via any of the following:





452 Tauwhare Rd
Hamilton 3284
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Prior Work:

I have to date scored music and done sound for short films, TV adverts, and games. For some examples of each of these, see below:

Quake Epsilon (2011-2019)

This personal mod project - an HD version of Quake 1 based on community-designed enhancements - as well as many, many expansions - required significant amounts of music appropriate to the genre. Trailers here.

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The Urquan Masters (2011)

I made the re-imagined versions of the intro and outro sound/music for the open-source version of Star Control 2 (The Urquan Masters). I also contributed code and fixes to the HD version of the project.

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Arrowmight (2008)

A corporate presentation by Richard Mans, for Arrowmight. Climactic music and sound effects added to the already impactful 3d visuals (involving an asteroid hurtling towards earth).

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Trisynergy - Blackbeard's Revenge (2007)

Voiceovers were required for the narrator dialogue in this swashbuckling high seas adventure game.

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Sidhe Interactive - Melbourne Cup Challenge (2006) & Rugby League 2 (2005)

Working through Castles Music for Sidhe Interactive doing sound-cutting work.

Frankie Dettori racing job thumbnail

Rotorua Airport (2005)

Rotorua airport needed a soundtrack for this presentation to help convince potential investors to finance an international extension to the airport. I provided the sound fx and music for the project.

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NASA Convention (2004)

Involved writing, mixing and mastering music and sound fx for a 3D animation designed to promote a particular NASA program at their convention. The animation was done by Richard Mans.

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Wholesale Cars Direct (2003)

Wholesale Cars needed pumping music, prominent sound effects plus a new voiceover for their tv car ad.

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Some old testimonials back from my recording studio days:

"Over the past few years I have had the need to call upon the excellent services offered by Matt Bentley at Soul Studios. Matt has provided me with remarkable technical expertise, professional service and the support and encouragement to realise my musical aspirations.

Despite me not being a natural musician or singer, Matt has facilitated the production of some songs I have been absolutely delighted with. With only a tune and some lyrics he has composed and produced music totally in keeping with the context for which it was created. That he assisted and heartened me to perservere with singing the songs was a testimony to his qualities as a teacher.

Matt is a patient and supportive musical teacher; his professionalism as a producer is underpinned by his passion for sonic perfection. Many times the hours spent on my compositions far exceeded that which he charged me for. His passion for musical perfection being the reason for this.

I have found my experience with Matt an incredibly positive one. That the songs he manufactured for me from almost nothing have been so positively received by the public who have heard them, speaks volumes for his professionalism and passion for musical production."
- Michael Groom (B.Ed), Samba Style Brazilian Soccer

"I have been highly impressed with the recording I have done at Soul Studios. Matt Bentley delivers excellent quality work and I would highly recommend Soul Studios to anyone looking for top quality composition and recording. The end results are fabulous."
- Annie Jameson, Higher Realms Publishing


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